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Asssalamualaikum, Hello, Bonjour, Annyeonghaseo, & Konnichiwa! . And follow Me if you like My blog. Leave your footprint on My chatbox ^^ & Hate My blog? Please, click Here

About Cik Adda

Cik Adda , reality dah Puan Shuhada. Hee hee .

I was born on 8 October , I saw this world at 11.59 a.m .

I'm not an arrogant girl. All of people in this world are my friends. no enemies allowed (!) Wanna be my enemy? It's up to you. Just be a syok sendiri person because I will ignore you as my enemy .

Please inform me if you not statisfied with me. I will change my attitude. Remember, nobody's perfect. & IF DO YOU THINK YOU ARE PERFECK PERSON , THINK again ! Please respect me and I will respect you more .

Couple Since 14 febuary 2010
Egg Since 31 january 2014
10 october 2014 

Loveyou babe, forever. in sha allah until Jannah. aamiin 


  1. comelnya! lama tak singgah sini. selamat pengantin baru! ^_^

  2. Cik Fafa: Thanks , heee . Kembang buntut kita. TerimaKasih :)

  3. sama la bulan lahir kita..bolehlah sambut sama2..heheheanyway..blog Adda comel


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